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NEXT MEMBERSHIP MEETING: July 18 (the THIRD MONDAY of every month)

Monday, July 18, 2016 -- 7:00 PM SHARP! to 8:55 PM

at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center
1670 West 162
nd Street
in Gardena, California
(One long block east of Western Avenue, at the Gardena Civic Center,
between the Gardena Police Station and the Fire Station)

SPEAKER: Anita Lee will speak about Medicare and Medi-Cal.

We are also inviting the Democratic winners of the June Primary elections to speak to our club.

We will also vote on a proposal by the Executive Board to pay half the cost for the first nine club members who buy seats at the L.A. County Democratic Party's annual Eleanor & Franklin D. Roosevelt Dinner, which will honor, among others, our Treasurer and President of the Mexican American Democratic Club Susana Medina, who was chosen as female "Democrat of the Year" for the 66th Assembly District. In the past, we often bought a table at the annual LACDP dinner, and our club regularly paid half the cost of club members at our table.

Many of you have watched the Democratic Presidential Debates in which all of our Democratic candidates discussed the ISSUES affecting the lives of everyone in America, in stark contrast to the hate-mongering and name-calling at the Republican Debates. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now our presumptive candidate for President. Senator Bernie Sanders will lead 1,900 of his Delegates to the Democratic National Convention from July 25th to the 28th at the Convention, where they will fight to put far more progressive planks into our platform. We will likely face Donald Trump in November, one of the many right-wing Billionaires trying to take over our country, unless the many Republicans who hate him succeed in disrupting THEIR convention. We will still have a huge fight to win in December, not just the White House but also the Senate and the House of Representatives. The 700 or so Billionaire$ backing the Republicans are planning to spend several BILLIONS of dollars in 2016 to consolidate their "Oligarchy," as former President Jimmy Carter now calls the United States' form of government, after the right-wing-dominated U.S. Supreme Court allowed unlimited and anonymous spending by American Billionaires and by Multinational (i.e. American and foreign-owned) Corporations to buy our elections and subvert our democracy.

Of course there are many, many issues that concern our members, from a cleaner environment right here at home to injustice and gun violence to citizenship for our immigrants, quality education and student debt relief, and protecting our pensions, Social Security and Medicare. We must continue our fight for freedom of choice, health care and equality for all! Get active!!!


Due to the need to be out of the facility by 9:00 PM, we are now starting our meeting promptly at 7:00 PM. Announcements and Resolutions must be submitted in writing to the President at the beginning of the meeting. Please be on time!

STAMPS FOR VETERANS: If you have any interesting, foreign or commemorative stamps (perhaps those used in our club mailing), rip the corners of envelopes containining the stamps & postmarks off and bring them to one of our meetings or Sunday Breakfasts. Club Historian Terry Kennedy has been sending them to Veterans Administration Hospitals for decades for the recuperation and enjoyment of our injured veterans.

Weekly Club Breakfast: We will continue to meet at the same location!

Every Sunday, 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

at the Normandie Casino Lucky Lady COFFEE SHOP
1045 W. Rosecrans Ave.
in Gardena, California (west of the Harbor 110 Freeway & Vermont Ave.)

Everyone is welcome to join us for our informal discussions!

Club Executive Board Meeting: (the FIRST MONDAY of every month)

Monday, July 4, 2016, 7:00 PM

at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center
1670 W. 162nd Street
in Gardena, California

All Club members are welcome to take part.

President: Don Dear
First Vice President: Dan Medina
Second Vice President: Jan Schaefer
Recording Secretary: Jim McGreevy
Corresponding Secretary: Alan Constantino
Treasurer: Susana Medina
Historian: Terry Kennedy

Gardena Valley Democratic Club Endorsements
for the June 7, 2016, Primary Election


Hillary Clinton

MEMBER, PARTY CENTRAL COMMITTEE . . . ( vote for no more than 7 )
62nd Assembly District
Gloria Gray
Philip Johnson
Paulette Francis

64th Assembly District . . . ( vote for no more than 7 )
Harold Williams
Janice Schaeffer
Joseph Pinon
Julian Burger
Raul Murga
Micah Ali
Jim Dear
Elito Santarina

66th Assembly District
Don Dear
Brandi Grace

70th Assembly District
Pat Stanyo

United States Senator
Kamala D. Harris

33rd District
Ted Lieu
43rd District
Maxine Waters
44th District
Nanette Diaz Barragan
47th District
Alan Lowenthal

35th District
Warren T. Furutani

62nd District
Autumn Burke
64th District
no recommendation
66th District
Al Muratsuchi

Office No. 11
Debra R. Archuleta
Office No. 84
Susan Jung Townsend
Office No. 120
Ray Santana
Office No. 158
Kim L. Nguyen
Office No. 165
Kathryn Ann Solorzano

District Attorney
Jackie Lacey
Supervisor -- 4th District
Janice Hahn

Prop 50: Suspension of Legislators
no recommendation

Member of the City Council . . . ( vote for no more than 3 )
Genghmun Eng
Asam Sheikh

May 2014 newsletter: (to download Option-click on a Mac or Right-click and Save on a Windows PC)

(Please note: as of January 1, 2016, our club dues are $20.00 per calendar year for an individual plus $15.00 per year for each additional member in the same household. Our older newsletters list our old dues.)

Low - 807 KB - High - 2.7 MB

Gray - High - 2.5 MB

TABLOID SIZE: Color - 2.7 MB - Gray - 2.5 MB
APOLOGIES!!! The black & white version of our May newsletter that we mailed before the meeting was NOT printed by our Union Printer, obviously, but at a copy shop. The interior pages are upside-down! And the quality is below par -- some of the newsletters printed very dark and others with streaks. Our newsletter editor, Jim McGreevy, was ill and sent it to our normal Union printer too late to get to the Post Office ahead of the meeting. But we hope to have beautiful full-color copies available at our club meeting, Union-printed at Automatic Printing Company in Torrance.

Recent Newsletters:


Our Gardena Valley Democratic Club Facebook Group is now a closed group and only our Group members can read the messages there. So posting messages there will no longer be viewable by anyone else interested in our club. For now. That might seem to mean that we can privately say whatever we'd like there, but Facebook is well known for changing its rules on a whim, and everything could become visible to the world at any second! There are no secrets on the Internet. Nothing is private.

If you are a Club member or friend please click on the link above and ask to join our Group! After you are accepted you can follow and join in the conversations and keep up-to-date with everything that we and our friends are doing! Topics that you bring up or your photos posted there might even make it into our club's newsletter!

Our Facebook Group page is once again openly viewable by everyone! You are encouraged to join us there!

For LIVE ELECTION RESULTS, click on each Office Title below... starting shortly after Polls close at 8:00 PM.


Congratulations to all of our Winners! And we hope that those who lost will continue the fight -- there will be many more elections in the future. We've all got to unite to win in November! Some Republicans actually got more votes than we did, usually because multiple Democrats split our votes.

The WON! and LOST in Primary Elections mean that our candidate will or won't advance to the General Election in November. The top two vote-getters advance, regardless of what percentage they received. These results are not yet final. There are still more votes to count. In most elections that we lost another Democrat received the most votes, so we will likely endorse the Democrats who qualified for the General Election. We still face an endorsement battle in the 26th State Senate District, where two good Democrats -- Ben Allen and Sandra Fluke -- qualified for the November Ballot. We almost lost the State Controller race altogether, where two Republicans led the count for much of the night. Democrat John Pérez is slightly ahead of a Republican for second place at the moment. Two days after the election, on June 5th, 2014, we are again losing the State Controller's race, with the two Republicans leading the three Democrats (who is Tammy Blair? did she have Janice Hahn's endorsement? Koch brothers' or Karl Rove's encouragement or money? that's a tactic the Republicans could have used, and this experience guarantees that they will use it here in the future) and the Green Party candidate. Six days after the election, on June 9th, 2014, we are WINNING the Controller's race, with Betty Yee leading John Perez by 351 votes and the second Republican more than 11,000 votes behind! Still counting... Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi is trailing slightly in the 66th AD, so we are going to have to work hard again on his reelection campaign, and perhaps also for State Senator Ted Lieu, who trails the Republican candidate in the 33rd Congerssional District. They will both be Republican targets in November.

Lieutenant Governor: WON! GAVIN NEWSOM
Secretary of State: WON! ALEX PADILLA
Controller: WON! BETTY T. YEE
Attorney General: WON! KAMALA HARRIS
Insurance Commissioner: WON! DAVE JONES
Board of Equalization, 3rd District: WON! JEROME HORTON
Congress 33rd District: (L.A. County Vote) WON! TED LIEU
Congress 37th District: (L.A. County Vote) WON! KAREN BASS
Congress 43rd District: (L.A. County Vote) WON! MAXINE WATERS
Congress 44th District: (L.A. County Vote) WON! JANICE HAHN
Congress 47th District: (L.A. County Vote) WON! ALAN LOWENTHAL
26th Senate District: (L.A. County Vote) LOST BETSY BUTLER
62nd Assembly District: (L.A. County Vote) LOST GLORIA GRAY
64th Assembly District: (L.A. County Vote) LOST MICAH ALI
66th Assembly District: (L.A. County Vote) WON! AL MURATSUCHI
Judge-Superior Court #22: WON! AMY CARTER
Judge-Superior Court #54: WON! SHANNON KNIGHT
Judge-Superior Court #76: LOST HELEN KIM
Judge-Superior Court #87: WON! ANDREW STEIN
Superintendent of Public Instruction: WON! TOM TORLAKSON
L.A. County Assessor: WON! JEFFREY PRANG
State Measure 41 - Veterans Housing / Homeless Vets: WON! YES
State Measure 42 - Public Records / Open Meetings: WON! YES
Mayor of Torrance: WON! PAT FUREY
Torrance City Council: WON! TIM GOODRICH
Torrance City Council: LOST RAHMAT KHAN
Torrance City Council: WON! KURT WEIDEMAN
Los Angeles Unified School District #1: WON! GEORGE McKENNA

Many thanks to Secretary of State Debra Bowen and her staff and to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder and County Clerk and their staff for making the live vote-count available to us!

(Click here to view a printable HTML version of our Endorsements.
Click HERE to download a printable PDF version of our Endorsements.)

Thank you to everyone who supported our Democratic candidates! Thank you for Voting!

It's too late this year for you and your children to get affordable private health insurance under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act! Signing up for this year ended at the end of March, but it will begin again in November (we know -- it's stupid not to make it year-round, but we got what the Rrpublicans wanted -- they were sabotaging our health care even when they were pretending to be negotiating). Shop and Compare at Covered California to see how little you will need to pay!

(or you can try to find Fox News's & the Republican/Tea Party's nonexistent "Obamacare" insurance somewhere else!)

Better yet, if you want to find out how much you can save, try the nonprofit, nonpartisan website . . .

Try their CALCULATOR to see how much you'd pay and how much help you'd get!

Larry Duckwald, our former club President in the late 1980s and our Newsletter Editor in the '80s, died on May 22, 2014, after a long illness. Larry was also very active in the Sheetmetal Workers Union and many Labor causes. I'm sure that everyone in our club offers their heartfelt condolences to Larry's brother Dave and all of Larry's family and friends.

Larry Duckwald's family are planning some kind of memorial in the distant future, but nothing immediately. If you would like to send condolences, please send them to:

Family of Larry Duckwald
26200 Frampton Ave. #23
Harbor City, CA 90510

Larry's brother Dave said that Larry has known that he was dying for months, and that Larry had no regrets and had done everything on his "bucket list." Larry led a very happy and productive life and was very happy for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Larry was a lot of fun to be around. He did a lot of work for the Labor movement and for Democrats and made a lot of friends. We will all miss him.

Click here to see or download the flyer we passed out at the Martin Luther King, Jr., Parade (this PDf is printable if you need more copies)

Does listening to AM 1150 (was KTLK) all of a sudden sound like Neo-Nazi Radio? Tired of Fascists?
Watch Stephanie Miller, Bill Press, Thom Hartmann and more on Free Speech TV !!!

Also streamed LIVE on FilmOnTV. And they're all on SeriusXM Progress Channel 127 satellite radio.
You can also watch the Bill Press Show online at Tawkr.TV.

Of course, a good alternative is KPFK 90.7 FM, still on broadcast radio!

Join our club! (click on the application below to get a version you can print) :

Then mail the application, with your check, to:

15433 South Catalina Ave.
Gardena, CA 90247

or bring it to any of our club meetings (see above for locations, dates and times).

Help the Philipine Typhoon victims and other disaster victims everywhere!
Donate to the American Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders!

or in the City of Carson, read THIS FLYER for Drive-Thru Drop-Off Locations, Vigils & Events!

George Castro put this Memorial newspaper ad from the 1960s up on our club's Facebook page. It was placed by our club and announces the Memorial Service that was held in John F. Kennedy Memorial Square in old downtown Torrance on each anniversary of JFK's assassination, until, on the 25th anniversay of the tragedy, John F. Kennedy's family asked that everyone celebrate President Kennedy's birth date rather than the date of his assassination. In the years that we held formal memorials, the area surrounding the JFK Memorial Square was roped off and the Torrance Youth Band and Honor Guard, in full uniforms, played "Eternal Father, Strong to Save (For Those in Peril on the Sea)" and other appropriate music. Members of the Kennedy family who were in the South Bay area, including Maria Shriver, often joined us, and everyone who wanted to spoke their remembrances of President Kennedy and of what he believed in.

Most of the Gardena Valley Democratic Club members who signed this Memorial are no longer with us, but many of us still remember them, and we remember their ideals and their hopes for a peaceful and prosperous future for America and for the world. For everyone, equally. President Kennedy wanted Peace and an end to war more than anything, but his assassination ended that dream.

Many Democrats from the South Bay continue to pay their respects at John F. Kennedy Square in Torrance on November 22nd every year, on the corner of Sartori and Cabrillo Avenues.

The John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial in JFK Square in old downtown Torrance on the morning of the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination, November 22nd, 2013.

From the City of Torrance Newspaper Archives:
Torrance Press November 3, 1960 -- John F. Kennedy Rally at the South Bay Shopping Center

OUR NOVEMBER SPEAKER: YOSEMITE's UNSUNG HEROINE! Pulitzer Prize nominee Craig MacDonald, a member of Phi Alpha Theta -- the national history honor society, will reveal the amazing story of Jessie Benton Fremont, who with her friends helped save the Yosemite Valley and what became the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. He is asking us to support H.R.1192, which would rename a Yosemite mountain peak after Jesse.

CLUB MEMBERS HONORED: Former Carson City Clerk Helen Kawagoe has (finally) had that city's Council Chamber named in her honor. A large retirement reception and unveiling of the lettering was held on June 4th. That night the Carson City Council also renamed a street in honor of Mayor Jim Dear and the Senior Tech Room in their Community Center in honor of Councilman Elito Santarina. Thanks go to Councilman Albert Robles, whose support made these honors possible.

Many Helen's Dream members pose with Helen at her retirement party before going to the Council Chambers

Helen Kawagoe with Helen's Dream members in the Carson City Council Chambers prior to the unveiling

Helen with the Los Angeles Consul representing Japan

Unveiling the Helen Kawagoe Council Chambers lettering

Some of the GVDC contingent at the 2013 Cinco de Mayo Parade and Festival. From left, George Castro's great granddaughter Jordyn, GVDC President Richard Vaughn and club members Terry Kennedy and Roger Kouchakgi. Alan Constantino is hidden behind the wheel of his new Ford. (Jim McGreevy took the photo)

(Click HERE to see our club's Cinco de Mayo Parade flyer.)
Some of the club members who participated in the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Parade in Gardena yesterday (January 12, 2013) posed for photos in Rowley Park at the end of the parade. From the left, George Castro, Willie Carter, Don Dear, George's great granddaughter Jordyn, the Girl Scout, Richard Vaughn, Evelyn Sia, Ethel Barnes, Gerald Barnes, Yolanda Barnes, Alan Constantino and Richard Schwartz. Jim McGreevy took the photo. This is a small 74 kilobyte file -- there is a much larger (4 1/2 megabytes) downloadable and printable version on our GVDC Facebook group page.

MARCH 5, 2013 LIVE UNOFFICIAL ELECTION RESULTS: (click on the City name to go to the results)


CITY OF GARDENA (this shows a PDF chart of the results by precincts)


CITY OF LOS ANGELES (scroll down to see the results for various offices)

CITY OF MANHATTAN BEACH (downloads a PDF file, "2013 Unofficial Results.pdf," to your computer)


CITY OF ROLLING HILLS (click on "Click here for preliminary election results." which will be up as soon as available)

QUICK CLICKS - ELECTION RESULTS FOR NOVEMBER 6, 2012 (Democratic endorsements at right)

VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES .................. ...... JOE BIDEN . . . We Won !!!
33rd District (Sec. of State Results)
43rd District
(Sec. of State Results)
HENRY WAXMAN (Sec. of State Results) . . . We Won !!!
(Sec. of State Results) . . . We Won !!!
44th District (Sec. of State Results) JANICE HAHN (Sec. of State Results) . . . We Won !!!
35th District (Sec. of State Results) ROD WRIGHT (Sec. of State Results) . . . We Won !!!
50th District (Sec. of State Results)
62nd District (Sec. of State Results)
BETSY BUTLER (Sec. of State Results) . . . We Lost
STEVEN BRADFORD (Sec. of State Results) . . . We Won !!!
64th District ......(Sec. of State Results)....................... ...... ISADORE HALL (Sec. of State Results) . . . We Won !!!
66th District (Sec. of State Results)
70th District
(Sec. of State Results)
AL MURATSUCHI (Sec. of State Results) . . . We Won !!!
(Sec. of State Results) . . . We Won !!!
District Attorney JACKIE LACEY . . . We Won !!!
Office Number 3 CAROL KWAN . . . We Won !!!
Proposition 30 YES . . . We Won !!!
Proposition 31 NO . . . We Won !!!
Proposition 32 ...................................................... ...... NO . . . We Won !!!
Proposition 33 NO . . . We Won !!!
Proposition 34 YES . . . We Lost
Proposition 35 ...................................................... ...... YES . . . We Won !!!
Proposition 36 YES . . . We Won !!!
Proposition 37 YES . . . We Lost
Proposition 38 ...................................................... ...... NO . . . We Won !!!
Proposition 39 YES . . . We Won !!!
Proposition 40 YES . . . We Won !!!
Measure E GVDC - NO, other Dems - YES . . . Won or Lost, depending . . .

(Results courtesy of the Offices of the California Secretary of State and of the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters)

Our 2012 Legislative Report Brunch was a Great Success!

Many thanks to everyone who helped organize it, especially Dan and Susana Medina! We all loved the food furnished by the Normandie Casino and we were treated to many of the best speeches any of us heard all year!

Following Congresswoman Maxine Water's fiery keynote speech, many of our guests joined her on stage. From the left, Gardena Councilmember Tasha Cerda, 66th Assembly District candidate Al Muratsuchi, West Basin Municipal Water District Board Director Ron Smith, Carson Councilmember Elito Santarina, State Senator Rod Wright, West Basin Municipal Water District Board Director Gloria Gray, Carson Mayor Jim Dear, Gardena Valley Democratic Club Treasurer Susana Medina, our keynote speaker Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Gardena Councilmember Dan Medina, Carson Mayor Pro Tem Julie Ruiz-Raber, West Basin Municipal Water District Board President Don Dear, Inglewood Councilmember Ralph Franklin and Gardena Valley Democratic Club President Richard Vaughn.

Many thanks to our emcees Dan Medina and Richard Vaughn and to our other Brunch Committee members Susana Medina, Mae Kouchakgi and Don Dear for a great job! As Kanji Sahara noted in our newsletter, this was the best annual Brunch we've every had! Club members are adding many more photos and even video clips from our brunch to our Facebook page, so please visit us there!

South Bay L.A. -- June 2012 Election Results:
(Click on each office title to see the current results -- Final results are due to be posted on July 6th)

AL MURATSUCHI opens his 66th Assembly District Campaign Headquarters

Democratic candidate Al Muratsuchi speaking to his supporters at his Torrance headquarters Grand Opening on April 21st. Former Gardena Mayor and Water District chair Don Dear is looking on at left.


Emcee and Torrance School Board member Terry Ragins with Muratsuchi for Assembly campaign manager Sergio Carrillo, speaking. (photo by Richard Vaughn)

John Pérez, Speaker of the California State Assembly, urging South Bay Democrats to work hard to elect Al Muratsuchi to the State Assembly. (photo by Richard Vaughn)

State Senator Ted Lieu voicing his support for Al Muratsuchi for Assembly. (photo by Richard Vaughn)

Assembly member Steve Bradford urging Democrats in the new 66th Assembly District to vote on June 5th for Al Muratsuchi. (photo by Richard Vaughn)

Los Angeles County Democratic Party chair Eric Bauman urging every Democrat to get out and vote in this year's elections. (photo by Richard Vaughn)

Democratic 66th Assembly District candidate Al Muratsuchi speaking about his vision for the future of California politics. (photo by Richard Vaughn)

Be sure that every Democratic voter you know is registered to vote
for the November 6th General Election.

Al is running against an extreme right-wing Tea Party Republican
with a lot of money behind him. We don't want the South Bay to
become a Tea Party haven!

If we are going to win a two-thirds majority in the State Legislature
and end the gridlock that has been paralyzing Sacramento for decades,
we have to win the new 66th Assembly seat on November 6th, just a few months from now!

We have to elect Al Muratsuchi to the State Assembly!!!

Visit and "friend" Al's Facebook page and his twitter page
or visit his website by clicking these links.


Or you can visit Al Muratsuchi's campaign headquarters at the

Democratic Action Center
1673 Cravens Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 536-0093

(that's in old downtown Torrance,near the intersection of
Cabrillo Ave. and Carson Street)

There are signs and stickers available and you can volunteer to help.
This is the most important Assembly election in California in 2012!

There are only a few months until the November 6th Primary election.
Please do whatever you can to help! Talk to your friends and relatives,
put up signs, volunteer to phone bank or to walk your precinct!
Please do something! Time is short!

Al Muratsuchi, front center, with the Presidents of several South Bay Democratic clubs, including Gardena Valley Democratic Club President Richard Vaughn on the far right.

In the 36th Congressional District race last year, Congresswoman Janice Hahn defeated Craig Huey, a Tea Party Republican who is now running against Al Muratsuchi in the 66th Assembly District race here in the South Bay. The following is still relevant:

Janice is running against a right-wing Tea Party Republican, who like all Tea Partyers wants to privatize or eliminate Medicare and Social Security and every other Federal social program, probably even the Veterans Administration! Tea Partyers also want to control what YOU do in your bedroom and tell you what medical choices you can make and who you can marry. Tea Party Republicans across the country, who are funded mainly by Texas and other oil and Wall Street billionaires (and supported by foreign billionaires like Australian Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News) also want to eliminate unions and all workers' rights to negotiate wages, pensions and health care. They want to eliminate the 8-hour workday, the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay, weekends off and vacations! And eliminate the minimum wage. Some even want to bring back child labor! And they want to eliminate income taxes for rich people, like the nation of Greece did many years ago -- we can see how well that is working there! The Tea Party Republicans' goal seems to be to push all middle class Americans into the poorhouse (or a privatized version, perhaps private debtors' prisons and/or workhouses) and return us to the "Roaring '20s" when the vast majority of Americans were dirt poor and the Super-Rich controlled the Congress! Which of course resulted in the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression throughout the 1930s. We almost had another Great Depression in 2008 as a result of 8 years of the last Republican President and Republican Congress and their policies. Luckily we elected a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress who did all they could to prevent another Depression, though Republican members of Congress have blocked most job-creating legislation for 3 1/2 years, originally by filibustering any jobs bills in the Senate and when John Boehner became Speaker by blocking consideration of any jobs bills in the House. And Tea Party Republican Governors around the nation have have eliminated every job they could -- even police officers, firefighters and especially teachers -- all to increase the unemployment rate under a Democratic President. Even Mitt Romney brags about wanting to fire teachers, firefighters and police officers! Don't give the Republicans/Tea Partyers another chance here in California!

Go to Janice's website, janicehahn.com, to help her reelection campaign and go to Democrat Al Muratsuchi's website, alforassembly.com, to support his 66th Assembly District campaign in any way you can, from putting up signs to talking to your neighbors!

Club members celebrating the beginning of our 80th year during a break in our January 2012 membership meeting.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters swearing in our returning Treasurer Susana Medina, returning Corresponding Secretary Alan Constantino, returning Recording Secretary Richard Schwartz, our new President Richard Vaughn and, on the right, our new 1st Vice President Roger Kouchakgi. Our new 2nd Vice President, Steve Varalyay, is not pictured.


Rep. WATERS' new 43rd Congressional District has moved south from Lawndale - Gardena to include most of Torrance and Lomita. The western border is now Hawthorne Blvd., with PCH on the south and the Harbor Gateway/ 110 Freeway on the east. (See map below).

The congresswoman is asking for club members to help her become better known in the new area. We are asking some of our Torrance resident GVDC members perhaps to form a committee to hold something like town hall at the Democratic Action Center in downtown Torrance, with Torrance & Lomita officials and residents invited to meet MAX1NE . Come to our club meeting if you can help.

DON DEAR HONORED BY CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY: At last week's San Diego Convention, the CDP honored DON DEAR as Volunteer of the Year for Region 14 (an an area-of about 4 Assembly Districts). DON was nominated for the honor by Region 14 Director TERRENCE MONTGOMERY..

Click HERE for a printable version of the invitation that you can mail to us to make your reservation!

Sorry about the interruption in the Increases in the National Debt chart page. We've been creating versions of this chart since 1983 when it became obvious what President Reagan was doing. Since 1995, our club's website has been hosted by the Los Angeles Free-Net (LAFN), which is a local volunteer-based Internet Service Provider that relies on memberships and donations for its existence. Unfortunately, during the recent increase in the debt-ceiling debate the LAFN's servers became overloaded, so LAFN took down our entire website to alleviate the problem. When they identified that it was solely the National Debt page that was the cause, they put the remainder of our website back up. All this happened before, back in early 2008, but back then LAFN put the page back up when requests for it slowed, this time the requests didn't slow. Finally one of our club members provided a website that could handle all the traffic, so we put the National Debt chart page there and the LAFN now redirects the original URL to the new web address. Again, we are sorry for inconveniencing you over the past few weeks. (August 2011)

Also, our June 2011 speaker, Ellen Brown, has written a new article "How the Bailout Killed Local Lending -- And How Some States Hope to Bring It Back" -- click here to read it! Our Club has endorsed AB 750, which is supported by Ms. Brown and would study creating a California State Bank. AB 750 has bipartisan support. The State Senate Banking Committee will have a hearing on AB 750 on Wednesday, July 6th. Please urge the Committee's Chair, Democratic Senator Juan Vargas, to send AB 750 to the Senate floor quickly! (Read about AB 750 on "aroundthecapitol.com" and follow its progress on "leginfo.ca.gov."

And the Republicans and Tea Partyers are protesting THAT???

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Congresswoman Maxine Waters swearing in our new officers for 2010 at our January meeting. From the left, Club Historian George Castro, Corresponding Secretary Steve Varalyay, 2nd Vice President Richard Vaughn, 1st Vice President Wilbur Sato, Recording Secretary Richard Schwartz, Treasurer Susana Medina, President Kanji Sahara and Congresswoman Waters.

Congresswoman Waters speaking to the club after she swore in our new officers. Maxine told us about the importance of the Massachusetts Senatorial election to the Health Care Reform bill, the urgency of relief for victims of the earthquake in Haiti and the need for job creation in the United States; she also bemoaned the dysfunctional government in Sacramento.

(Below) President Kanji Sahara introduced our 2010 Committee Chairs. From the left, Membership Chair Richard Vaughn, Health Care Chair Alan Constantino, Ways & Means and also Newsletter Chair Don Dear, Hospitality Chair Alicia Brewster, President Sahara, Senior Citizens Chair Bea Bernstein, Legislative Action/Resolutions/Consumer Affairs Chair Paulette Francis and Publicity Chair Dan Medina. Not in the photo are Sunshine Chair Doris Griffin, Program Chair Al Hernandez, Precinct Organization Chair Ron Shimokaji and Website Committee Chair Jim McGreevy, who took the photographs. All of our Committee Chairs, along with our club officers, make up our Executive Board.


(Above) Following our December 2009 meeting, the incoming and outgoing officers posed for a photo. From the left, outgoing President Don Dear, former President and Gardena Councilmember Dan Medina, incoming Club Historian George Castro, continuing Recording Secretary Richard Schwartz, continuing Treasurer Susana Medina, incoming President Kanji Sahara, continuing 1st Vice President Wilbur Sato, continuing 2nd Vice President Richard Vaughn and incoming Corresponding Secretary Steve Varalyay. Photo by outgoing Corresponding Secretary Jim McGreevy. Terry Kennedy, not pictured, had been our 2nd Vice President until he resigned in November. We would like to thank all of our outgoing officers and our Committee Chairs and members for their outstanding service!
(For the original full-sized, 3 Megabyte --*LARGE FILE*-- photo, click here .)

STAMPS FOR VETERANS: Thanks to Terry Kennedy's decades-long efforts we collect stamps for use by our veterans. Please send us commemorative, foreign and older U.S. stamps (just clip off the entire corner of the envelope including the postmark, if possible). All stamps will be sent to the ARIE Foundation for distribution to Veterans Administration hospitals to help rehabilitate injured and hospitalized veterans. Stamps can be dropped off at our weekly breakfast meetings, monthly general meetings or mailed to our club address.

(Check out our Increases in the National Debt chart!)
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Fooled Again: The Real Case for Electoral Reform" by Mark Crispin Miller. Includes over 100 pages of new material including the 2006 elections.

Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They'll Steal the Next One Too (Unless We Stop Them)" by Mark Crispin Miller.

This is a very important and interesting book if you value living in a free and open democracy. The people behind Bush/Cheney stealing the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections have no interest in free and fair elections nor in allowing you any free choices in how you live your life.

For more information on "Fooled Again" visit Mark Crispin Miller's website.

Be Sure That You Are Registered to Vote!


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NEW EDITION in PAPERBACK - April 24, 2007

"Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China Floats, Bush Sinks, The Scheme To Steal '08, No Child's Behind Left, and Other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War" by Greg Palast.

Another great book by Greg Palast, investigative journalist who grew up here in "the Valley" but who was forced to publish his findings overseas on the BBC and in The Guardian and Observer newspapers. Greg uncovered the election fraud in Florida before the 2000 election which the Republicans stole from Al Gore, even though Gore officially got a million more votes than Bush!

NEW - July 2006

"Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen? Exit Polls, Election Fraud and the Official Count" by Steven Freeman & Joel Bleifuss, with a Forward by Representative John Conyers, Jr.

The original exit polls, which were quickly covered up, showed that John Kerry won almost all of the "Battleground" States by substantial margins, and that John Kerry won the 2004 Presidential Election by 7 MILLION VOTES! What happened? A very important and easy-to-read book.

Also read Greg Palast's book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" to find out more on how Bush/Cheney stole the 2000 election from Al Gore.


Senator Betty Karnette with GVDC Vice President Don Dear at our July 2006 general meeting. Betty stopped by unexpectedly to thank us for our endorsement in her campaign for the 54th State Assembly District and to let us know what's going on in the State Legislature. (Photo by Richard Schwartz)